Galileo - 02 February Low Cost Carrier Participation Enhancement In Galileo®


Changes initiated by the LCC will not automatically be reflected in the Galileo booking file. The agent will be aware of such changes because they will either receive email notification from the LCC, or because the travel agent made the change directly with the LCC.

This enhancement also changes various currently used screens which will simplify the booking process and clarify the fees and optional extras. These new formats will be seen when creating new bookings after this implementation.

• Section 1 of the detail below explains the revisions of the screens used for new bookings in the current product.
• Section 2 explains the new amend functionality as it applies to passenger name, flight segments and optional extras such as checked baggage.
• Section 3 contains a step-by-step example of a booking amendment.
• Section 4 lists the new alerts and error messages.

Initially the functionality will be available for easyJet content only but the intention is to extend this when new LCCs who support this functionality through their API become available. • Amend and cancel LCC segments within Focalpoint reducing need to call LCC reservation desk or access booking on LCC website to action changes.

• Amendments/cancellations will be reflected back into back office applications ensuring current information

• Familiar booking process increases efficiency - 4 times faster than via LCC website

• Combine traditional and low cost air as well as other suppliers such as Cars & Hotels in a single booking

• User friendly standard GDS format entries minimise agency training needs For more details please see Product Advisory