Galileo - CANCELLED! Euro Netwerk Migration (scheduled Focalpoint outage)


Please note this is a rescheduled activity after the first attempt on Feb 10 was unsuccessful.

As part of our efforts to consolidate the Travelport Data Centre operations in our Atlanta facilities, we have planned the following network migration from our Langley to Atlanta Data Centre. This migration was originally scheduled for 19.05 GMT on Tuesday 10th February 2009, but has now been rescheduled to Thursday 19th February 2009 and will impact our Galileo-connected agency subscribers in Europe, Middle East & Africa. Please take a moment to read the below information outlining the migration plan and how your agency may be affected.   The migration will last for approximately 60 minutes starting at 19.10 GMT during which time you will not have access to any application that connects to the Galileo host system, including Focalpoint. Agents that are using Focalpoint at the time will experience a time-out and will have to close the application for the 60 minute duration. In most cases, access to Focalpoint will be automatically regained after the migration is successfully complete. Some agencies that use a server application that connects via a single line to the Galileo GDS may need to restart access to Focalpoint. This outage will also affect Galileo agencies using our Web Services applications.   This migration will be completed in TWO PHASES. In this 1st phase scheduled for Feb 19th, the following customer base and product solutions will be affected.

  • Customers who access the Galileo GDS via the Interceptor network Galileo-users in Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Customers accessing Easyjet content through the Galileo desktop Galileo-users in Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Commercial SSL VPN Galileo users in Europe and the Middle East
We will notify you in due course with the scheduled dates and details for phase 2 of the planned migration.   We would like to take this opportunity to assure you that we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that any disruption to your business caused as a result of the above planned outage is kept to a minimum. Should you experience any problems with accessing Focalpoint or any other Galileo-connected applications after the 60-min migration period, please contact your regular Travelport Helpdesk.   Thank you for your patience as we complete this minor procedure and we anticipate that you will not experience much inconvenience as a result.