GALILEO AND WORLDSPAN-From 31mar09 Elimination Of XT Tax Code In Galileo® And Worldspan®


Travelport will implement this in a phased delivery. The first phase is purely the elimination of XT in ET
issuance. Further phases will include changes to screen displays and documentation to break down the
XT Total, changes to exchange and refund and increase the maximum number of new and paid taxes to
99. Currently up to 20 taxes may be ticketed, though Fares and Pricing displays may store more.
Many airlines have not yet made changes to their own systems to fully breakdown individual taxes, nor
have they increased to 99 taxes on a ticket.
This advisory is being issued for informational purposes only. There will be no changes to screen
displays or support documents at this time. The only changes resulting from this project are changes in
EDIFACT messaging with airlines.
This advisory is applicable for all subscribers on Galileo and Worldspan systems.
Worldspan system users will not be affected since there are no changes to screen displays or support
documents for this release (Worldspan subscribers should also review previously released Product
Advisory 588 which is still in effect).
There will be one minor enhancement to Galileo system exchanges. This enhancement will result in up
to 8 paid taxes being populated into the *EX exchange fill-in format when an electronic ticket is being
exchanged. This is the only change Galileo system users will see.
Airline customers will only see a change if they request Travelport to move them to the new messaging
format.     Customer Benefit
• This enhancement supports the IATA mandate to remove the combined XT tax and instead use a full
itemization of taxes for electronic tickets.
• No changes to fare quote and pricing displays, electronic ticket displays, electronic ticket support
documents, itinerary/invoice, or ViewTrip.
• More taxes will be broken out in the Galileo system electronic ticket exchange fill-in format display.
• Enhanced electronic ticket messaging with airlines.   For more details please see Product Advisory