FAILED - GALILEO - Migration Notification Interceptor


As part of Travelports efforts to consolidate data centers within the Atlanta Operations facility. The Interceptor network application that is currently hosted out of the Langley Data Center will be physically migrated to Atlanta on April 7, 2009
The scheduled activity is planned for Tuesday, April 7 1800-2100GMT.   During this time customers in the EMEA markets that are connected to the Galileo Host System and Low Cost Content hubs such as Easyjet through the Interceptor application will experience intermittent service interruption for approximately 2hrs beginning at 1800GMT.

In most cases customer and application connectivity will automatically re-establish, however, for some customer servers they will need to be re-started after this activity in order to establish host connectivity including any robotic type applications.   It has been identified that approximately 1000 connections to Easyjet do not disconnect to Desktop/FP at night, so may not pick up the new connection after this activity unless you reboot your PCs.

If you are unable to connect to Easyjet after this migration, in the first instance, please reboot your system. If this does not correct the issue then you will need to report and escalate the issue following the usual process.

Please ensure the following is done as a first course of action:

1. Shut down Galileo Desktop/FP 3.5. Afterwards restart and try U2 connectivity again.
2. Reboot your PC if the above does not resolve the problem.
3. Typing the command “IS INT” should give the below response: