Rail Seat Characteristics:
Due to the nature of rail services and the configuration of the different coaches within a rail service there are many types of characteristics. Some of the characteristics will be familiar to Galileo users as they are the same as airlines and some will be new in order to accommodate the uniqueness of the rail seat map.
Rail Seat Assignments:
Galileo GDS users will have the ability to request specific or generic rail seat assignments using functionality similar to that used for assigning seats for airline providers. Agents can request rail seat assignments using a similar entry to that currently used for Air Seat assignment. Agents will also be able to change, cancel and display Booking File rail seat data as well as display rail seat history.
Existing entries will be utilized where possible. Some specific seat assignment entries have been modified to use coach and seat designation versus row and column designation.

Customer Benefit
• Ability to display Rail Coach Maps
• Ability to display Rail Seat Maps within a coach
• Ability to assign specific seats for Rail segments
• User formats will be consistent with existing formats where possible
• Although there will be a learning curve, no additional training will be required For more details Product Advisory