Galileo - Revised load date: Category 17 Enhancement – Higher Intermediate Point in Galileo


Overview (PA 908 - version 02)
Current processing for Galileo 360 Fares allows for category 17 (HIP/Mileage exceptions) carrier exception processing by using the text information filed in the rule and manually adding it to an internal table. When a carrier restricts a fare from quoting a through fare when a Higher Intermediate Point (HIP) is found, there is currently no way to process this exception on the existing Galileo 360 Fares exception table. Data filed in category 17 allows an automated solution for processing this specific exception. Galileo 360 Fares will be enhanced to process this specific data when validating rules categories and will prevent a through fare from quoting if a HIP fare is found on the fare component. Customer Benefit

  • When airlines define a specific type of HIP exception it will now be validated using automated data
  • Customers will receive accurate fare quotes based on category 17 data filed by the carriers.
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