Galileo: Mileage Indicator in Linear in Galileo


Overview (PA 907)
Current linear processing for Galileo 360 Fares always adds an “M” mileage indicator before the fare amount on a fare component when the fare is mileage based. According to the IATA Ticket Handbook the “M” indicator should only be shown in the linear when a mileage calculation is applied to the fare component. When a single flight segment is priced as a fare component, no mileage calculation is required because no other ticketed points exist between the origin and destination to calculate mileage. Galileo 360 Fares will be enhanced to leave off the “M” indicator before the fare amount on the fare
component when no mileage calculation is done.   Customer Benefit

  • The linear display for pricing and ticketing will comply with the IATA Resolution 0722 and the Ticketing Handbook.
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