Galileo: Non Reportable E-Ticket Refund Data to BSP in Galileo


Overview (PA 903) 
  Throughout the world, there are airlines which do not accept automated refunds via the GDS. In these instances, the refund transaction is submitted by the agent via BSPLink (an IATA owned and operated products). BSPLink conducts the refund transaction and reporting via the BSP settlement process, however, BSPLink does not update coupon(s) status to the carrier’s electronic ticket database from OPEN to Refunded (RFND).   

  • This new capability will prevent reporting of the refund transaction in the settlement process to BSP
  • Send the refund request to the applicable carrier
  • Change the coupon status from ‘OPEN’ to Refunded (RFND)
Worldspan has this functionality available.
Apollo has this functionality available for markets that report to BSP. Customer Benefit
  • Provide a function that is needed by Galileo subscribers worldwide
  • Easy and fast to use, no completion of screens are required.
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