Galileo: Change in load date - Interactive Frequent Flyer Verification in Galileo


Overview (PA 807 - Version 6, change in load date)
Currently, an agency enters a passenger’s Frequent Flyer number into the Booking File Mileage Membership field, which is sent to the airline after end transaction. If the Frequent Flyer name and number in the Booking File does not match the name and number in the airline’s Frequent Flyer database, the passenger will not receive mileage credit. This can cause customer service issues during and after the passenger’s travel. 
This product will allow the airline to interactively validate that the Frequent Flyer number is valid for the passenger before the number is entered into the Booking File and sent to the airline in the booking message. This will ensure the passenger will always receive mileage credit for the flights, and will eliminate associated passenger service issues.
The first participant will be Lufthansa Airlines (LH). Customer Benefit
Airline Frequent Flyer programs are increasing in importance to both the airlines and their passengers. This product will ensure the airline will always have the correct Frequent Flyer number in their PNR, ensuring the passenger will always receive his Frequent Flyer credit. If the Frequent Flyer number is present in the Booking File, it is sent to LH in the Interactive Seat and Seat Map requests, allowing LH to make decisions based on the passenger’s Frequent Flyer membership level. Click here for more details and load date.