Worldspan: Send Multiple Record Locators at Ticketing Time in Worldspan


Overview (PA 860)
Worldspan will implement changes to Electronic Ticketing issuing processes to benefit subscribers by reducing E-Ticket failure responses. These changes will be transparent to the user and will apply to many cases where the following error was given: RECORD LOCATOR REQUIRED WITH ELECTRONIC TICKET ON – XX
With these changes, the following types of scenarios will be successful, providing other E-ticket criteria are also met, such as Interline Agreements, Segment Eligibility, etc.

  • Round The World Fare/Itinerary, many times onward and return flights will be OPEN Segments; therefore no record locator for the segment(s) may yet exist. Worldspan will no longer require record locators for every carrier in the transaction and Round The World itineraries will only require the Validating Carrier’s record locator
  • Group PNRs, when the Outbound and Return flights blocked space via separate PNRs in the carrier’s system. Agency can create one PNR in Worldspan and enter different record locators for each segment, when applicable. When the E-ticket request is made, both record locators will be sent to the carrier, allowing them to find both PNRs in their system for their PNR match routines
  • Occasionally separate E-Tickets may need to be issued in a PNR to take advantage of special fare rules. However, if one of the carriers in the transaction is not a participant in the BSP, a different validating carrier will be needed. With these changes, Worldspan will send the Validating Carrier’s record locator (if it exists) even if the carrier is not participating in the itinerary for that ticket request. This will allow the transaction to be successful as the
    Validating Carrier will have a PNR to update on their side
Customer Benefit
This will provide subscribers the ability to better manage airline requirements for record locators to allow open segments to be issued on e-tickets.   Click here for more details and load date.