Galileo / Worldspan: Product Advisories – New notification process


The benefits of doing this are:

  • Reduction in number of e-mails we send to you
  • A single e-mail will allow you to quickly access those advisories that are most relevant to your business
There will still be occasions when we send a separate notification, specifically in regards to time-sensitive announcements, but we aim to keep these exceptions to a minimum. In addition, we will be publishing a new answer in ASK Travelport (answer number 21239). This will provide a list of all product loads scheduled for the upcoming 7-14 days and will be updated daily with the status of these loads. The benefits of this are:
  • This will allow you to easily review all planned product loads
  • This answer will be updated daily enabling you to review the status of these loads
This answer will also be going live on 1st March. We thank you for your support and encourage your continued feedback on how we can work together more efficiently.