Revised load date: Galileo - Car UpSell in Galileo™


Overview (PA 781 - Version 5)

Travelport Car UpSell in Galileo Focalpoint just got better! Agencies accustomed to seeing car types flagged as UpSells on the supplier availability response will appreciate the additional information related to the Car UpSell at sell.
An UpSell is defined as a larger or more prestigious vehicle than the one specified in the request. Travelport’s Car UpSell at sell enables the agent to sell the best value to their client.  

Customer Benefit

  • Apollo and Galileo agencies that use Focalpoint to book rental cars will benefit by being able to
    quickly determine the cost of a larger or more prestigious vehicle and communicate these deals to
    their customers
  • There are no new entries to learn and there is potential to earn more commission on the car rental
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