Galileo - Revised load date and additional error response: Auto Refund Enhancements


Overview (PA 913 - version 2)

Galileo will implement the following changes in the Auto Refund process:

  • Allow user to enter / modify commission rate or a commission amount in the TRN1 screen
  • Modify the A/L AUTHORITY field in the TRN2 screen to allow users to input a Waiver Code which will print in a new field on the Refund Notice and on the Refund Authorization. Additionally, the Waiver code will be reported in the WAVR element in the IT03 record of the BSP RET but will not be
  • Provide a new REMARKS field for up to three lines of free flow data on the TRN3 screen
  • Allow data input in the new REMARKS field in the TRN3 screen to print in the existing REMARKS field on the plain paper Refund Notice document
  • Provide new Error Responses for editable commission rate/commission amount fields
Customer Benefit

  • Improve productivity
  • Provide more flexibility for Auto Refunds
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