Galileo - System Maintenance Notice: GPDS Production Load


The GPDS (Galileo Print Distribution System) delivers documents (rail, car, ferry, Travel Agency Service Fees, Credit Card Vouchers, etc.) to agency queues for processing (printing, delivering to back office systems). This activity also includes the PM Browser (which allows the agency the ability to view their rail ticketing queues and reports) and GIDS the Galileo Integrated Data Server (which captures and provides daily transaction information for agencies).

During this activity there will be a 30 min outage will the servers are recycled. During this interruption subscribers will not be able to send any travel documents to their printers or backroom systems nor access the rail print manager browser to manage their print queues. Documents will queue up on the host and be sent or printed once GPDS comes back up.

This activity has been planned during a time of day that has the lowest or no usage of this product by our subscribers as to minimize any impact to their business.

Any issue outside of this activity should be reported and escalated via the customers normal support processes and contacts.