Galileo - Electronic Ticketing Enhancements Display/Print of Endorsement/Restrictions


Overview (PA 899)

Endorsement/Restrictions in Electronic Ticketing are remarks provided to ensure common understanding between the passenger and the Airline when a fare is restricted as to time of travel, period of validity, voluntary rerouting, or where any other restrictive conditions are applicable which are not otherwise clearly evident from other entries.

Industry standards in Electronic Ticketing allow up to 147 characters of Endorsement/Restrictions to be exchanged in various formats between GDSs and Airlines.

This enhancement will maximize within industry standards the exchange of Endorsement/Restrictions Box information with supporting Airlines and maximize the display/print of Endorsement/Restrictions Box information with those Airlines.

Customer Benefit

  • Electronic Ticketing vendors supporting this enhancement will receive and process more complete
  • Endorsement/Restrictions Box information
  • Reduce occurrences of incomplete Endorsement/Restrictions Box information in ETR displays
  • Maximize display/print of Endorsement/Restrictions Box information on the PIR, AGENT/AUDIT plain paper support documents, Viewpoint and ViewTrip
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