Galileo & Worldspan - Revised load dates for shopping: Pricing and Shopping with Optional Services (Merchandising)


Overview (PA 900 - version 6 )

Optional Services are considered supplementary services that the carrier offers the customer for which the customer has a choice regarding whether or not to accept the services.

Carriers will define their optional service as one of four distinct types of service, as follows:

  • 'M'= Merchandise
  • 'T' =Ticket Related  – (must be associated to a passenger’s ticket).
  • 'F'= Flight Related  – (must be associated to specific flight/s on a passenger’s ticket).
  • 'R'= Rule Buster Service  – (must be associated to a specific fare component on a passenger’s ticket and overrides reissue and/or refund conditions for that fare).
Note: Only ‘F’ and ‘T’ type services will be available during the first release of the product. ‘R’ and ‘M’ type will be fast followers.
The ability will be provided to request optional services (as filed by the carriers through ATPCo) during itinerary pricing and air shopping.

Optional Services data offered in the Travelport GDSs will be based on carrier participation. Even though a carrier may file Optional Services with ATPCO, unless they enter into a Marketing agreement with Travelport, their services will not be available through the Travelport GDSs.

Shopping capability aggregated with Merchandising services requires customers utilize Travelport e-Pricing, the latest shopping release.

Customer Benefit
  • Efficient way for agents to provide a complete suite of services to customers
  • Airlines are able to distribute their optional services consistently across all GDSs
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