Galileo - Enhancement: Tour Code Conflict Resolution


Overview (PA 961)

A potential pricing solution for an itinerary may contain multiple fare components. Those fare components may contain tour code data filed in ATPCO or SITA in Categories 27 and/or 35. (In Category 35, tour code data may be a Tour Code, a Carrier Agreement Reference-or CAR Code, a Value Code, or combination of CAR and Value Codes).
If two or more fare components contain conflicting tour codes, Galileo 360 Fares currently rejects that pricing solution. However, the definition of ‘conflicting tour codes’ has been clarified within the ATPCO data application to include situations where one or more fare components has a tour code, and other fare components do not.

With this enhancement, pricing solutions will be passed or rejected based on ATPCO data application described in the Product Advisory (961) under the Detail and Customer Examples section.

Customer Benefit

Any conflicts in Tour Codes will be resolved based on industry standard ATPCO data application.

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