Galileo - Electronic Ticketing Enhancements Itinerary Checks at Ticketing for Airline Supported Functionality


Overview (PA 931)

There are a number of criteria which determine if an itinerary can be successfully E-Ticketed. Included in this criteria are carrier specific restrictions such as interline eligibility and whether a vendor locator or form of identification (FOID) is required to be present in the Booking File/PNR.

Currently these criteria are checked at various points in the ticketing process. The host E-Ticket eligibility utility is designed to validate a number of prerequisites to E-Ticketing, yet oftentimes carrier restrictions are not validated until after the ticketing request is sent and received by the issuing carrier.

When an itinerary with restricted E-Ticketing criteria is received by the issuing carrier for ticketing, a generic error message of “VENDOR UNABLE TO PROCESS ETKT -118” is commonly routed to the user without any specific detail as to the rejection.

This enhancement to the Apollo and Galileo systems will introduce at ticketing time several new carrier specific itinerary checks of airline supported and restricted ticketing functions prior to the ticketing request being sent to the issuing carrier.

Customer Benefit

  • Allow for new E-Ticket eligibility criteria to be checked before the ticketing request is sent to the issuing carrier
  • New carrier specific eligibility checks resulting in fewer vendor rejections of air itineraries submitted for E-Ticketing
  • New user friendly error messages identifying non-supported/restricted airline ticketing functions at ticketing time.
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