Galileo & Worldspan - Revised load date: Category 8 Stopovers – Data Application


Overview (PA 985 - version 02)

Category 8 - Stopovers defines the conditions when a stopover(s) is permitted or required within the fare component or pricing unit and the applicable charges, carriers, and locations associated with those stopovers.

The industry has approved the standards for processing of the Automated Rules Stopover Category (Category 8). The implementation of Category 8 will now align this category with the Transfer Category 9 industry approved application.

The enhanced solution for Category 8 requires changes to existing fields, edits, and text. The most significant changes to Category 8 include the following:

  • Allow airlines to restrict stopover application by fare component or pricing unit
  • Revised the reconciliation of Fare Rule and General Rule data to indicate the Fare Rule always overrides the General Rule
  • Remove unused fields
The industry changes to Category 8 require enhancements to three platforms in the Travelport portfolio; Galileo 360 Fares™, Worldspan FareSource™ (TPF) and Travelport e-Pricing™.

Customer Benefit
  • Maintains consistency with the industry approved processing logic
  • Enhanced Stopover processing in Worldspan e-Pricing products; Power Shopping and Power Pricing.
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