Galileo & Worldspan - Revised load date: European Union - Blacklisted Carriers


Overview (PA 986 - version 02)

For Travelport Galileo™ and Worldspan™ system users located within the European Union (EU) countries a new onscreen indicator will appear in Air Availability and/or Shopping results indicating the presence of a blacklisted carrier.

The European Union maintains a blacklist comprised of airlines it deems unsafe and which are therefore banned from servicing points to, from and within the European Community.

The European Union has introduced new regulations in the EU CRS Code that requires GDSs, who offer services for use within the EU, to provide an indicator when a blacklisted carrier appears in air availability or shopping responses. The regulation requires the indicator to appear for all points-of-sale within the EU, regardless of the city pair used in the request.

The EU is defined as countries which are active members of the EU community. There are 27 countries to date:

Austria Latvia
Belgium Lithuania
Bulgaria Luxembourg
Cyprus Malta
Czech Republic Netherlands
Denmark Poland
Estonia Portugal
Finland Romania
France Slovakia
Germany Slovenia
Greece Spain
Hungary Sweden
Ireland United Kingdom

European Commission (EU) maintains the list of blacklisted carriers on their website. List of all Air Carriers of which all operations are subject to a ban within the EU Community. Link to European Commission /Transport /Air Transport – Blacklist:

Customer Benefit
  • Onscreen indicator alerts user of the appearance of EU defined blacklisted carrier
  • Blacklisted carriers will be indicated on both Air Availability and Shopping screen results
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