Galileo - Travelport ViewTrip™ for Galileo™ Users Ability to add Travel Agency priority remarks to top of Itinerary


Overview (PA 1002)

In recognition of customer feedback an enhancement is being made to Travelport ViewTrip™ to allow Travel Agent’s freeform remarks to be displayed at the top of the ViewTrip itinerary. This will allow the agency to enter important customer information at the top of ViewTrip so the customer does not need to search through all other remarks for important information. This functionality can be used by anyone provided the designated format is followed on the @:5H@Z/ freeform remark(s). When ViewTrip encounters these remarks it will display these remarks at the top of the itinerary and it will be removed from any other areas that they may have been displayed.

Using the existing @:5H@Z/ remark type field, enforce the user to input following the Z/ TAP – followed by the ‘freeform text’. E.g.

@:5H@Z/TAP - ****this trip requires approval ****
Refer to Figure 1 in “Detail and Customer Examples” that follows.

ViewTrip will parse through the remark field and once the TAP ‘delimiter’ is detected they will flag this remark to be displayed at the top of the itinerary. If these remark types have been found and flagged, ViewTrip will build the itinerary screen with these remarks at the very top of itinerary page. Refer to Figure 2 in “Detail and Customer Examples” that follows.

If these remarks are present they will display at the top of the itinerary page and will not display in any other place that they may have displayed in the past. ViewTrip will strip the TAP- delimiter off of the message before displaying. The display will contain only the freeform text.

On the itinerary display the title ‘Travel Arranger Priority Comments’ in the top box is hardcoded within the application. This title will be translated to support all of the languages that ViewTrip Galileo and Apollo supports.

The host will support a maximum of 255 @:5 remark types.

Note: There can be a total of 79 characters contained in each freeform text area.

Customer Benefit

Flexibility for Travel Agents when inserting remarks in itinerary.

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