Galileo - Commission Conflicts in Category 35 Negotiated Fares – Data Application Change


Overview (PA 1014)

The percentage or amount of commission an agent may claim for a ticketed fare can be filed by the airline supplier in ATPCO/SITA Rules Category 35. The filed data can indicate:

  • A commission percentage or amount to be applied to the fare
  • Zero percent commission, i.e. the fare is non- commissionable
  • No commission data specified in the rule. Commission may be manually input and/or retrieved from an external source.
Fares which may otherwise be combinable to create a pricing solution may have different commission information specified in Category 35, creating a conflict. Because only one commission value can be reported on a single ticketing transaction, this conflict must be resolved before a ticket can be issued. This is done in Galileo by including a Z- type ticketing modifier in the Filed Fare.

The Apollo GDS does not process Category 35 – Negotiated Fares data. This functionality may be introduced into Worldspan at a later date.

Customer Benefit

Users will no longer be required to manually resolve commission conflicts.

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