Worldspan - Revised Load Date: Manual Credit Card Authorization


Overview (PA 964 - version 6)

All manual credit card authorizations must include the plating carrier code and the credit card expiration date. In addition, the plating carrier used in the manual authorization entry must match the plating carrier in the resulting ticketing transaction. This mandate affects the Apollo JV entry and the Worldspan CK/ entry and any customer using an API or structured data message that creates a CK/ or JV entry.The CK/ and JV entries should only be used to authorize payment transactions that will be settled via Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC), IATA Bank Settlement Plan, or other country or regional specific automated clearing house where Travelport is responsible for creating the initial settlement records. The CK/ and JV entries are not intended for use in authorizing sales where card settlement will not be initiated by Travelport.

Customer Benefit

  • Allows credit card authorization entries to be consistent across all Travelport cores
  • Allows Travelport to maintain compliance with credit card company mandates
  • Ensures accurate credit card authorization and settlement processing
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