Galileo - Agency Private Fares - Enhancement Release - August 2010


Overview  ( PA 1026 - version 01 )

Agency Private Fares (APF) is a web-based product providing travel agents and consolidators the means to maintain their contracts of private, negotiated fares. After the contracts have been loaded into APF, the fares are available to integrate with public fares and airline filed private fares for Fare Display, Fare Quote and Shopping.

This implementation contains five enhancements to Agency Private Fares.

• Master Distribution Group
  New sub-buttons are being added to the New Distribution Group button on the APF Home Page.
  The sub-buttons will be:

  • Create New Distribution Groupo Create New Master Distribution Group
  • Create New Master Distubution Group
   Selecting the “New Distribution Group” button displays the current screen to create a distribution group. The “New Master    Distribution Group” button displays a new screen to enter distribution groups that are to be included in this master.

• Ticket Code - Replace and Append

   A Ticket code box is being added to the Fare Entry Screen and Discounts screen for all Standard Contracts. These boxes and the current ticket code box on the calculated contract fare calculation   screen will have a radio button, indicating that the data replaces the fare basis code or is appended to the fare basis code.

• Premium Fare Classes

   The drop down on the “Add Fare” screen on standard contracts will include premium fare class options. These same options will appear on the add-on screens in the link criteria box.

• Additional surface sector options on the “Transfers” screen

  The “Transfers” screen will have a new button to select surface sectors. When this button is selected, a new screen is displayed to enter outbound and inbound restrictions for surface sectors. There will also be the ability to enter “between XXX and XXX” locations for the surface sectors (where XXX represents valid location codes).

• Remove the Maximum number of booking codes allowed per “Add” limit

  Currently, the booking class exceptions screens have a limit on the number of booking classes  allowed for each “Add”. This limit is being removed along with the text on the screen.

Customer Benefit

• The “Master Distribution Groups” provides ease in maintenance, by not requiring the addition of security that may already exist within other distribution groups.

• “Ticket Code - Replace and Append” allows a supplier to satisfy the terms of their contract negotiated with an airline. Some carriers require a full replace ticket code, others require a ticket designator that contains a slash, whereas others require data appended to the end of a fare basis code with no slash. For example, YCH versus Y/CH.

• With the addition of Premium fare classes, a supplier will be able to create contracts for their premium fare class negotiated rates.

• Additional surface sector options allow greater flexibility in coding the provisions in negotiated contracts.

• Removing the limit on the number of booking codes per ADD allows the supplier to enter all the booking class exceptions for a carrier and locations in one entry.

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