Galileo - Postponed: Same Booking Code / Passenger Type Codes (PTC)


Overview (PA 1037 - version 02)

Currently, Best Buy and Shopping transactions processed by Galileo 360 Fares™ will attempt to find the lowest fare for all passengers in the request. This low fare processing sometimes instructs users to rebook passengers in different booking codes, which would require separate PNRs or Booking Files.

With this enhancement, Best Buy or Shopping entries will attempt to find the lowest fare for all passengers on the PNR or Booking file that would apply when all passengers are confirmed in the same booking code. Rebook information will only be returned in the same booking codes for all passengers on the PNR or Booking File.

This enhancement applies to terminal emulation (Focalpoint) and all structured data versions (including Viewpoint) of Best Buy and Shopping transactions. All Shopping versions are enhanced, all “modules” and e-Pricing Release 3, e-Pricing Release 4:

  • FareQuoteFlightSpecific
  • Best Buy ($BB, FQBB, FareQuoteDollarSaver)
  • Best Buy Compare ($BBC, FQBC, FareQuoteBestBuyCompare)
  • Best Buy Regardless ($BBA, FQBA, FareQuoteBestBuyRegardless)
  • Best Buy Quote ($BBQ, FareQuoteFinder)
  • Optimal Shopping, Focalpoint Shopping, Low Fare Shopping Tool (FS, FareQuoteSuperBB)
  • Flex shopping (FareQuoteFlexShop)
Note: This functionality is already in place for Worldspan™ system users.

Customer Benefit
  • Users will no longer be required to split and divide PNRs or Booking Files to rebook itineraries for low fare results returned from a Best Buy or Shopping transaction
  • Infant passengers will always be included on the same PNR or Booking File with the applicable accompanying passenger and confirmed in the same booking code. There will no longer be a need to override the fare basis code for an infant which would invalidate the fare guarantee.
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