Galileo - Focalpoint™ Hotel Images


Overview (PA 1053)

Over 860,000 hotel images and 30,000 video tours are now available for approximately 95% of the properties in the RoomMaster™ Hotel system on Apollo™ and Galileo™ – BUT they are not currently integrated with the agents’ shopping process in Galileo Desktop.

Although the Point and Click application (available only on Galileo core) provides access to hotel images, Point and Click does not support 100% of hotel features/functions – thus proficient Galileo agents that choose to use Focalpoint for hotel shop/book (versus Point and Click) do not currently have easy access to hotel images.

To address these issues and keep agents within the Apollo/Galileo environment when shopping/booking hotels, an add-on Focalpoint application for Galileo Desktop 1.x and above, was developed that provides agents with easy access to images for displayed hotels.

Customer Benefit

  • Easy installation and does not require provisioning 
  • Property ID is not required – no longer need to request HOD to obtain Property ID
  • List box appears for agent for easy selection of property(s) images from HOA results
  • Initial HOA display remains visible during the image viewing process
  • Image request list can be easily refreshed for a page down or subsequent city/date
  • Images can also be requested from the Property Availability (HOC) or Property Description (HOD) display
  • Application is free – no cost to agents
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