Galileo - Agency Private Fares Enhancement Release - October 2010


Overview (PA 1051)

Agency Private Fares (APF) is a web based product providing travel agents and consolidators the means to maintain their contracts of private, negotiated fares. After the contracts have been loaded into APF, the fares are available to integrate with public fares and airline filed private fares for fare display, quote and Shopping. Contracts are maintained using the APF application located at

This implementation contains 2 enhancements to Agency Private Fares (APF).

  • Flight Rules and Code Share relationship definition The Flight Rules and Code Share screens will have new radio buttons to indicate the relationship between the rule provisions. The relationship of the data can be AND, all rule provisions coded must pass to pass the rule, or OR, if any one of the provisions passes the rule passes.
  • Exclude Carriers on the Master Account Code Screen The Master Account Code screen will have a section to exclude carriers when searching for fares for a Master Account Code and its’ associated account codes for the pseudo cities specified.
Customer Benefit
  • Defining the relationship between the Flight Rule and Code Share rule provisions will provide greater flexibility in defining how the data is to be processed.
  • The ability to exclude carriers ensures that fares are not offered to customers that are no longer applicable.
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