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This virtual training sessions focuses on selling hotels and cars in Galileo Viewpoint and Worldspan Go! using the easy going hotel and car scripts!

The courses have been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to fit them into your working day. They are run by dedicated trainers via a Virtual Classroom’meaning you do not need to leave your office to attend!

For hotel reservations you will learn how to quickly and precisely search for hotels, room types, rules and policies and how to book, modify and cancel a hotel reservation.

For car rentals you will learn how to quickly and precisely search for available cars, how to display a car vendor index and display a car vendor description, rules and policies and sell a car with and without existing air segments, for pick up and return to the same location or for drop off in another location.

Just click on your preferred GDS below to register for one of the free of charge training sessions!

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Did you know........ The average commission for car is 5% and hotel is 10%?

Did you also know… by booking ONE additional car and ONE additional hotel booking per day makes a SIGNIFICANT FINANCIAL IMPACT over the year?