Galileo & Worldspan - New SSR ADPI – Requesting Additional Passenger Information


Overview (1058)

All Travelport™ systems (Apollo™, Galileo™ and Worldspan™) will now accept the new Special Service Request requesting Additional Passenger Information (SSR ADPI) from airlines. The new SSR ADPI allows airlines to request additional passenger information for any flight that meets the requirements of the TSA Secure Flight rule but does not have an associated SSR DOCS item in the airline PNR.

Although, airlines are not required to send SSR ADPI requests to the booking source when Secure Flight data is not present in a reservation, they will have the option to do so effective October 1, 2010.

Airlines will initiate the SSR ADPI, sending it to Travelport with a KK reply code. Upon receipt of the new SSR ADPI Travelport will:

  • store the SSR ADPI item(s) in the PNR/Booking File
  • allow the new SSR to display in the PNR/Booking File
  • queue the PNR/Booking File to the applicable queue for agency follow-up
  • allow the existing queue functions to End/Work SSR ADPI using one entry.
NOTE: Travelport continues to recommend transmitting traveler information via SSR DOCS on every reservation. Adding SSR DOCS information will eliminate the need for the airline to send the SSR ADPI thus reducing the number of items on your queue to be worked, improving agency productivity, and ultimately providing a smoother travel experience for your customers.

Customer Benefit
  • As a reminder prior to ticket issuance, Travel Agencies may be sent the SSR ADPI requesting Secure Flight Data information be transmitted to the airline.
  • The PNR/Booking File containing the SSR ADPI will be placed on the applicable queue for agency follow-up and handling.
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