Galileo - Update: Consolidator Enhancements


Overview (PA 970 - version 03)

Update: advising impact of Selective Access agreements in the HTE and TE data display.

Galileo Consolidator masking enhancement to allow:

  1. Consolidator and Sub-agent to view the ticket number in *HTI (current and historical TINS data display) when data masking is enabled by either the Consolidator and/or Sub-agent.
  2. Consolidator versus Sub-agent to view net fare data in *HTI, *HTE/*TEn (E-ticket record display), *FFn/*FFALL (filed fare display), *HFF (filed fare history display) and *HTD (ticketing data history display) for Consolidator issued tickets when data masking is enabled by the Consolidator.
  3. Consolidator to display *HTE/*TEn for Consolidator issued tickets subsequent to a Sub-agent fare quote to check fares when data masking is enabled.
  4. Consolidator and Sub-agent to only view net fare data in Viewpoint, Focalpoint *HTI, *HTE/*TEn, *FFn/*FFALL, *HFF and *HTD for tickets they have issued when data masking in enabled.
  5. Sub-agent branch offices with the same group code and/or authorized selective access agreements to view each other’s net fare data when data masking is enabled.
Customer Benefit
  • Secure viewing access of confidential data between Consolidator and Sub-agent.
  • Improve workflow efficiency between Consolidator and Sub-agent.
  • Reduction in manual processes.
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