Galileo - Notification of load to Production date: Display Fare Quote Input in Galileo Filed Fares


Overview (PA 1039 - version 03)

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 27 Aug 10; Version 02 – Issued 09 Dec 10
Reason For Issue version 03: Notification of load to Production date in addition to more examples & detail added.

Today, Corporate and Leisure travel agents work with an increasing volume of private fares, distributed in multiple ways, by numerous airlines and with varying levels of complexity. It is currently not always obvious to a travel consultant retrieving a record how a fare was obtained as the original commands used in initial pricing are not stored or available for display in Galileo.

This development will enhance the stored fare display in Galileo by appending the original fare quote input to stored fare output (including fare history displays) so that fare information can be easily recreated or validated at any time.

Customer Benefit

Allows travel consultants to more easily recreate and validate stored fare information when fares expire, or tickets are reissued and/or exchanged.

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