Galileo - Condition Change to ‘P’ Fare Status Indicator for Galileo™ users


Overview (PA 1087)

Currently, on the Galileo™ system when an Agency Private Fare (APF) is quoted, the fare quote response and the filed fare display a Fare Status Indicator (FSI) of ‘P’ regardless of how the fare was quoted. When an Airline private fare is auto-priced the FSI indicator is ‘A’. If the Airline Private fare is priced using the fare basis code modifier and one or more rules have failed, the FSI code of ‘P’ is displayed.

With this change, the FSI code of ‘M’ will apply to both Agency Private Fares (APF’s) and Airline Private Fares when the fare basis code modifier is used for fare quote and one or more rule restrictions have failed. There is no change to the Fare Calculation Indicators (also referred to as Pricing Code Indicators or Control Codes) that are output on tickets. As today, this will be a ‘1’ (not guaranteed).

Customer Benefit

Provides the user easier identification of forced fares where the rules have failed.

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