Galileo - Low Cost Carrier Participation (LCCP) bmibaby (WW) Enhancements


Overview (PA 1097)

Low Cost Carrier Participation (LCCP) has been enhanced to permit the following new functionality for bmibaby (WW):

  • The ability to enter APIS (Advance Passenger Information Service). bmibaby has been enabled for this using existing functionality in LCCP.
  • The ability to add a Frequent Flyer number using existing Galileo formats.
  • The ability to select a new Chargeable Extras item for bmibaby, Travel Cot. All existing Chargeable Extras functionality remains unchanged.
  • bmibaby has changed their baggage policy from selecting the number of Hold Bags to a weight based allowance. As such, the Chargeable Extra screen the ”NUMBER OF BAGS” item has been replaced with “BAGGAGE WT-18KG”.
Please see Question 27015 in ASK Travelport for a list of markets/ countries in which you can currently book content via Low Cost Carrier Participation (LCCP).

Customer Benefit
  • APIS, Baggage and Travel Cot use existing LCCP functionality.
  • FQTV uses existing Galileo formats.
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