Galileo & Worldspan - Estonia Currency Change


Overview (PA 1102)

Currently the primary currency for Estonia is EEK (Estonian Kroon) for both fare display and fare quote. Effective 1st December 2010, the EUR (Euro) will become the primary currency for fare display, with EEK remaining as the primary currency for fare quote.

Effective 1st January 2011 both fare display and fare quote will return EUR as the primary currency.

For ticketing; currently all BSP tickets are issued in EEK, effective 1st January 2011 this will change to EUR. There are only Galileo ticketing agents in Estonia at this time.

Note: Agency Private Fares contracts built in EEK will need to be updated!

Customer Benefit

To comply with IATA PTC Composite 1576/1592, ATPCO Passenger Tariff Bulletin 142, and SITA Distribution Subscriber Notice 255.

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