Galileo - Increase Number of Hotel Properties in the Hotel HOA Display in Focalpoint™


The AAT control for the HOA response returned to a specific PCC is scheduled to be removed on 24 January 2011. At this point, all customers receiving the “old” (two line per property) HOA display will need to have made necessary changes and/or notification to ensure all users/customers can support the new one line HOA.

Overview (PA 637 - version 04)

Reason For Issue Version 04: Advise new load date: January 24, 2011

In November 2008, a new Focalpoint HOA response was made available to agency customers. This new response screen addressed the fact that the current display could only return up to three available properties on the first screen and up to four available properties on subsequent screens. This had some negative aspects:

  • Agents have voiced a desire to see more properties per screen, to make comparison and shopping easier.
Redesigning the screen data and display logic, allowed for a significant increase in properties on the screen - the exact number is dependent on whether Headlines or TravelScreen is also applicable to the display.

The redesigned screen is not currently available to all subscribers, as access to the new screen has been controlled by an AAT setting. On 24 Jan 2011, the AAT control will be removed and all users will receive the enhanced HOA response screen in Focalpoint.
The Hotel Availability (HOA) screen displays shown in this advisory apply to both Apollo and Galileo Focalpoint displays.

The Point and Click hotel product available on Galileo is not affected by this change.

Customer Benefit
  • More available hotel properties on each display, facilitating property shopping/comparison
  • Less need for “page-down” to find the perfect match
  • Apollo and Galileo will now be in line with the enhanced display already part of Worldspan
Click here for more details, examples and load date.