Worldspan Trip Manager™ - TSA Changes to Name and Passport


Overview (PA 1111)

Under the Secure Flight program, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires airlines to collect and transmit the Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) to the TSA, which includes complete passenger name, date of birth, and gender (and redress number, if available), that is pre-screened against government watch lists for domestic and international flights. Therefore, it requires all airlines domestic and international flying to or from a U.S. destination or through U.S. airspace to transmit SFPD regardless of the distribution channel through which the reservation is booked. Additionally, it applies to
all U.S. based airlines regardless of where they fly globally.

Changes to the Trip Manager TSA information have been updated to allow more flexibility for TSA items. The product will now allow spaces in the first or middle name fields and will allow a suffix to be sent. In addition, if a passport number is added, the expiration date and issuing country are now mandatory.

Customer Benefit

  • More accurate information sent to TSA
  • More flexibility for travelers with spaces in the name field or those with a suffix
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