Galileo & Worldspan - Booking Source Premium Fee for American Airlines (AA)


Overview (PA 1115)

American Airlines (AA) has communicated to the travel industry that they plan on imposing a ‘Booking Source Premium Fee’ upon Travelport user travel agencies in order to recover higher than expected booking fees incurred when flights are booked via Apollo™, Galileo™ and Worldspan™.

The exact charges are variable by GDS system and travel agency location (country). The list of charges by country, as of 22 November 2010, can be found in ASK Travelport, answer ID 28119.

This enhancement will incorporate these surcharge fees in fare displays, fare quote and shopping displays. Changes apply to all access platforms, i.e. terminal emulation, XML/structured data. The higher true cost of travel on American Airlines (AA) will be reflected when ‘booking source premium fees’ are applied to the travel agency.

The application of these surcharge fees will be effective at 00:01 on 20 December 2010 local time, for every geographical location. This effective time and date will apply for fare display, fare quote and shopping displays.

Once activated, AA surcharge fees will be applied regardless of when the flights were originally booked. AA bookings made prior to 20 December should also be ticketed prior to 20 December to avoid the surcharge fees.

The surcharge fees will be applied to all fare types. Surcharge fees apply to public fares, airlinecreated private fares as well as agency-created private fares.

The surcharge fees will be included only when AA is the plating carrier on the ticket. AA can be the plating carrier when plating carrier logic identifies AA as the applicable validating carrier or when the user enters AA as the plating carrier with an override format.

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