Galileo - Available Now! e-Tracker™ Enhancements


Overview (PA 993 - version 03)

Reason For Issue version 03: Updated load date / time.

Enhancements have been made to the existing Galileo e-Tracker product to enable more detailed search and sort definition, and extended reporting detail.

New search options

  • File format
  • Number of Lines
New search criteria selections
  • Additional coupon status, including non-final and final ticket status
  • By agent sign on
  • By account code
  • Frequent flyer number
  • Traveler’s last and first name
  • Ticket number without check digit or carrier code
  • Ticket issuance date
  • Ticket value
  • Single or multiple Pseudo City Codes
  • More detailed reporting
Customer Benefit
  • Approx 4% of tickets remain unused - Galileo e-Tracker enables customers to identify and report against unused tickets offering exchange / refund options to passengers
  • Agency efficiency
  • Additional service fee opportunity
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