Worldspan - Available now: QRQ Modifications


Overview - PA 1122 (version 02)

Version 01 – Issued 10-Jan-11

Reason For Issue version 02: Clarification that the new QRQ Field of bridge/branch table (KY*) will NOT automatically be updated based on parameters contained in the QA field of the bridge/branch table.

This enhancement will provide new functionality that will allow QRQ, Queue Removal, for bridge locations. Today in the Worldspan system, the QRQ (an entry that removes displayed PNR from queue with/without queue access) entry cannot be done while emulating another location. A bridge/branch location cannot be designated to remove PNR’s from queue at another location.

However, a similar function, QQR, is allowable when emulating. The purpose of this enhancement will be to align QRQ functionality just as is allowed for QQR functionality.

Customer Benefit

This enhancement will increase agency efficiency by removing the additional steps required during their ticketing process.

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