Galileo - Revised load date: Travelport ViewTrip™ E-Ticket Receipt addition of 2D Barcode for Air New Zealand


Overview (PA 1124 - version 02)

Version 01 – Issued 31 Jan 2011

Reason For Issue: Revised load date

The following Travelport ViewTrip™ enhancements are available to all Galileo™ and Apollo™ ViewTrip users:

  1. ViewTrip E-Ticket Receipt will display a 2D Barcode next to an Air New Zealand domestic segment(s) and trans-Tasman segment(s) flying from New Zealand to Australia.
  2. Four new Online Check-in carriers: COPA Airlines (CM), Air Berlin(AB), Caribbean Airlines (BW), Insel Air (7I).
Customer Benefit

ViewTrip E-Ticket Receipt Air New Zealand barcode
  • The ViewTrip E-Ticket Receipt document (which will include a barcode) can be taken to an airport kiosk where the traveler, can scan the barcode on the document, using the airline’s kiosk barcode reader and will be issued a boarding pass and bag tag.
  • No installation or set up is required.
  • This is available to any Travel Agency worldwide, using ViewTrip or Host Email (EM) to send itineraries to travelers who use the website.
  • ViewTrip will only display a barcode if there is a valid Air New Zealand flight on the E-Ticket Receipt.
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