Worldspan - New Secure Flight Worldspan Go!™ Script


Overview PA 1135 (version 01)

The Secure Flight Info Go! script enables the input of the passenger information requested by TSA, including passport, destination or resident address, date of birth, gender, passenger phone contacts, and other (visa, redress, known traveler) documentation. The user may also modify, delete or cancel the SSRs.

The information is added to the PNR using the applicable SSR formats for DOCA, DOCS, DOCO, and PCTC.

DOCS – Date of birth, gender, passport info
DOCO – Visa, Redress, or Known Traveler; place of birth
DOCA – Destination or residence address
PCTC – Passenger phone contact

The script uses the YY code as the carrier. The Worldspan system will determine the applicable participating carriers that are to receive the information.

The Nationality and Issuing Country lists default to the country in the AIR TABLE to enable faster processing.

When the DOCS SSR is added to the PNR, the system automatically creates the PSPT SSR, which contains the gender, date of birth and name of the passenger repeated in the DOCS SSR.

This is a Go! Script and access is automatic. No download is needed.

Customer Benefit

  • Expedited process to add the SSRs to the PNR
  • No need to learn the cryptic SSR formats; The script will determine the appropriate SSR based on the information added
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