Galileo - Enhanced Hotel Response Data & Focalpoint™ HOC Screen


Overview PA 1113 (version 01)

Complete Pricing Plus chains also differentiate themselves by returning key formatted room, rule and rate information in the HOC, Hotel Rules (HOV) and Sell responses. This data is then also stored in the PNR (Passenger Name Record)/BF (Booking File) in the extended hotel segment. This data is very beneficial for both travel agents and OTA customers, as it provides formatted/indicator-driven data that facilitates the selection of hotel products that best meet a customer’s needs. To date, approximately 70 hotel chains have become Complete Pricing Plus participants. A list of these participants is provided in the following Pro-files.

Children and extra bedding pricing in the HOC response will continue to be a differentiator for Complete Pricing Plus participants. However, with this enhancement, the key room and rule data will be more prevalent and visible; more prevalent - as it will be opened up to other hotel chains, more visible - as the Focalpoint HOC response screen will be enhanced to display this data. In summary, this advisory covers two related hotel enhancements:
  1. Allow Inside Availability suppliers (and above) to return key room, rule and rate data that was previously restricted to Complete Pricing Plus participants.
  2. Revise the Hotel Focalpoint Complete Availability (HOC) Response screen to include theroom and rule data that was previously restricted to Complete Pricing Plus participants and previously was not displayed in Focalpoint.
This impacted data includes the following:

Enhanced Room Data – formatted data identifying key room features that are especially important to a leisure customer.
  • Room View
  • Meal Inclusion and type of meal
  • Bedding Configuration – number and size of bed
  • Smoking/Nonsmoking
Enhanced Rule Data
  • Cancel policy
  • Indicators for:
    - Deposit, Guarantee, Prepayment, Hold Time
    - Credentials requirement
    - Commission
    - Rate Category
    - Refund-ability
Customer Benefit

Increased Hotel Participation – opening up data formats to allow all HOC seamlessly-connected hotel chains will increase the number of hotel chains that return this key room and rule data.

Increased Efficiency - More efficient hotel shop process as key data such as information regarding commission, credential requirements, cancel policy, refund-ability, room view, meals, bedding configuration, smoking etc., will be returned from more hotel suppliers and will be displayed in the HOC Focalpoint response screen.

Enhanced Capabilities for API users – more hotels chains will be returning the enhanced data, facilitating the following for API users:
  • Filtering - formatted data and indicators can be used to filter HOC response data to ensure the products displayed are appropriate for their customer. 
  • Formatted Room/Rate/Rule - Indicator defined data enables identification/confirmation of key information that can be critical for travelers (i.e., meal inclusion, room view, bedding configuration, cancel penalty, etc.).
Higher Customer Satisfaction – key room and rule data is contained in the availability response, enabling agents to book rooms that best meet their customers’ requirements.

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