Worldspan - Custom Itinerary Script Enhancements


Overview PA 1166 (version 02)

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 18-Apr-11
Reason For Issue version 02: 2nd Notification to update release date and release contents

The Custom Itinerary Go! Script has been enhanced to include the invoice number when the ticket and invoice have been issued in the same transaction. Currently, only the ticket number from the same transaction was shown on the Itinerary/Invoice. The script now reads the document history and pulls the invoice number with the ticket/document number.

The script was also enhanced to correct several discrepancies with the German translation.

Customer Benefit

  • Customer and agent have a better reference of documentation
  • Customers viewing the Itinerary/Invoices in German have a clearer understanding of the labels and information in their travel plans
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