Worldspan - Revised implementation date and affected countries: Enlarge Ticket Remittance Tax Field to 7 Characters


Overview PA 1184 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 16-May-11
Reason For Issue 02: Revised implementation date and impacted countries

Impact Summary: All Worldspan BSP ticketing locations. Excludes:

U.S.A Puerto Rico U.S. Virgin Islands
Barbados Grenada Jamaica
St. Lucia St. Vincent Trinidad & Tobago
Cayman Montserrat St. Kitts & Nevis
Turks & Caicos Aruba Netherlands Antilles
Curacao Bonaire, St. Eustatius, Saba St. Maarten

When an E-ticket is issued, an AUDIT and/or AGENT coupon may be printed to provide a hard-copy record of the ticket. These coupons include a Remittance Area that shows values applicable to the Eticket transaction. Although Remittance Area attributes vary based on BSP Area, the Remittance Area of the ticket may include details such as currency, cash and/or credit collection amount, commission and taxes.

BSP Remittance Area print routines do not currently allow more than 6 characters (including a decimal) to print in the tax field.

Worldspan will modify the Remittance Area print routines on BSP E-Ticket AUDIT and/or AGENT coupons to allow up to 7 characters (including a decimal) to print.

Additionally, data printed in the Remittance Area Tax field will be right-justified. Therefore, if a tax amount is greater than 7 characters, the least significant digit in the amount will be truncated.

Customer Benefit

Improve accuracy of Remittance Area Tax data.

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