Galileo - Cancelled: Ticket Time Limit Cancel


Overview PA 1187 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 06-Jun-11
Reason For Issue version 02: Notification that this has now been cancelled

Booking files containing air segment(s) with ticket time limits will automatically cancel air segment(s) if ticketing has not occurred. This is not new functionality, but instead has been corrected so if the TTLX field is set to YES, then the air segment(s) will be automatically cancelled.

The TTLX field in the AAT is used to identify an agency that is using Auto-Cancel processing on its PNR’s and booking files that contain Ticket Time Limits. While this is currently in production for Apollo, it was not activated for Galileo. After release, the functionality will now be activated for both Apollo AND Galileo.

Customer Benefit

  • Eliminate work around processes to ensure tickets are cancelled in a timely manner to avoid ADMs.
  • This process would enhance the booking process of Galileo customers across the globe. Agents would be able to place a reservation “on hold” for a specific period of time to facilitate the needs of their customer. Should this period elapse, the PNR/BF would “auto cancel” and thus free up inventory of all suppliers within the booking (air, car, hotel, all or any combination thereof
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