Galileo - Postponed: Ticketing Queue Placement


Overview PA 1196 - version 02

Reason For Issue version 02: Notification that load has fallen back. New load date to be advised.

The Galileo system moves the PNRs or booking files to queue 10 (Q10) automatically when the PNR/booking file has a T.TAU arrangement field.

Currently PNRs or Booking files are appearing on the ticketing queue (Q10) prior to the data identified in the TAU field. PNRs or Booking files are placed on Q10 programatically the date before the one specified in the T.TAU field.

This enhancement refers to placing PNRs or booking files in the ticketing queue (Q10) on the date identified in the T.TAU field.

Customer Benefit

Having PNRs placed in queue on the TAU specified date.

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