Galileo - Additional examples added: Auto Generate Child SSR


Overview PA 1200 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 13-Jun-11
Reason For Issue version 02: Additional examples added

The current Galileo process is that the the travel agent has to add the “child SSR” (SI.P2/CHLD) to the PNR or booking file manually in order to advise the airline that the passenger traveling is a child.

For the SSR Infant (SSR INFT) the Galileo system automatically generates a service information message to the airlines at the end transaction time advising of the infant.

This enhancement refers to auto generate the Child SSR (CHLD SSR) to the airline(s) based on the PTC information in the name field of the PNR or booking file.

Customer Benefit

Increase effieciency and productivity avoiding extra manual inputs.

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