Galileo - Revised load date: Retain last PNR/BF in Queue after End Transact


Overview PA 1191 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 13-Jun-11
Reason For Issue version 02: Revised load date and clarification of examples

Galileo subscribers require the ability to add or change data in the PNR or Booking File while it is in queue.

Currently, the Galileo system removes the last PNR from queue when information has been added or changed after end transact.

With this enhancement, when the user adds or deletes information in the PNR/booking file, then receives and ends transacts the reservation, the PNR or booking file will remain in queue. The Galileo (1G) system will allow retaining the PNR/BF in queue after end transact.

This functionality exists in the Apollo and Worldspan systems.

Customer Benefit

Allow the customer to continue applying their business processes with queues.

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