Galileo - Revised load date: Low Cost Carrier Participation (LCCP) Passive Segment Cancelation, Metro Airport Availability Sort, bmiBaby (WW) Bag Weight Change


Overview PA 1205 - version 02

Issue History: Version 01 – Issued 20-Jun-11
Reason For Issue version 02: Revised load date

This enhancement will permit the cancellation of passive segments in Low Cost Carrier Participation (LCCP) for which no air vendor record locator exists.

In addition, the bmiBaby (WW) chargeable extras screen will be changed to reflect the allowable baggage weight of 22 kg, an increase from 18 kg.

Metro airport availability, multiple airports within the same city, is currently supported in LCCP. The order in which the flights are displayed will be adjusted to ensure that the flights for the requested origin and destination will appear first.

Please see Question 27015 in ASK Travelport for a list of markets/ countries in which you can currently book content via Low Cost Carrier Participation (LCCP).

Customer Benefit

  • Removes the need to call Travelport support desk to have an LCCP PNR cancelled
  • Provides metro airport availablity in LCCP similar to host functionality.
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