Galileo - Agency Private Fares Enhancements July 2011


Overview PA 1204 - version 01

Agency Private Fares (APF) is a web based product providing travel agents and consolidators the means to maintain their contracts of private, negotiated fares. After the contracts have been loaded into APF, the fares are available to integrate with public fares and airline filed private fares for fare display, quote and Shopping. Contracts are maintained using the APF application located at

This release contains several enhancements to APF ensuring the product remains competitive and keeps up to date with the market requirements. This product update includes:

  • Surcharge by Day of Week
    This enhancement allows the APF supplier to indicate that a surcharge applies to travel on specified days of the week.
  • Min/Max Stay Enhancements
    This enhancement provides the additional option of applying the minimum or maximum stay from the arrival or departure at the point of turnaround.
  • Min/Max Stay Multiple Options
    Currently, only one rule condition can be entered on the Maximum Stay screen. This enhancement allows the supplier to enter multiple rule conditions. Additionally, on the Minimum and Maximum Stay screens the supplier will be able to specify the relationship between the data.
  • Mass update for fare changes
    This enhancement gives a supplier the option of making a change to a fare, such as adding a ticket designator, for all fares in the contract with the same fare basis code.
  • Mass update for Distribution groups and Zones
    This enhancement gives a supplier the option of updating all or specific contracts with changes made to distribution groups or zones. It also changes the format for all search results.
  • Round the World contracts
    This enhancement provides suppliers the ability to create contracts for Round the World fares.
  • Airpass fares
    This enhancement provides a new passenger type for Airpass fares.
  • Fare Basis Code Wildcards for rule exceptions
    This enhancement allows the supplier to use fare basis code wildcards when creating rule exceptions.
  • Add rule number to the base fare screen for calculate contract.
    This enhancement allows a supplier to input a rule number in lieu of or in addition to adding Fare
    Basis Codes/wildcards on the base fare screen of a calculated contract for private base fares. Additionally, tariff and rule number will also be available for public fares.
Customer Benefit

Provides additional functionality to APF making it easier to input and maintain private fares.

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